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Higher Education Institutions

In an effort to increase collaboration and understanding amongst leaders in doctoral education on the continent, this section offers profiles of the IAU Member HEIs in Africa and their doctoral schools and/or programmes. It also includes contact information.

Please help us keep this information up-to-date by informing us regularly about changes at your institution.

IAU also maintains the World Higher Education Database (WHED) which provides information on HEIs around the globe, as well as information on the higher education systems and degrees in each country. IAU members are part of a unique global university network contecting all continents.

The portal can be used as a networking tool, conecting universities around the globe. In particulary it could be used to network doctoral education practices, initiatives and alike. To connect to IAU member institutions please use the advanced search function or contact us

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IAU Members in Africa:

Botswana Accountancy College |Botswanaiau member


GoBotswana Logo

Doctoral programmes

The School of Postgraduate Studies offers:

  • MSc in Strategic Management
  • Certificate in Finance for Non-Finance Management
  • MSc Project Management
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Public Sector Procurement & Tender Management
  • Postgradute Certificate in Infrastructure Finance
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Public Sector Project Management


Botswana International University of Science and Technology |Botswanaiau member


Botswana International University of Science & Technology

Doctoral programmes

The Botswana International University of Science and Technology offers PhD programmes at two faculties:

  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology


University of BotswanaBotswanaiau member

UB logo

Doctoral programmes

The School of Graduate Studies provides information about the currently available PhD positions. 

  • Natural Resources Management
  • Statistics
  • Social Work
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Theology and Religious Studies
  • Library and Information Studies
  • History
  • African Languages and Literature
  • Education


Universidade de Cabo VerdeCabo Verdeiau member


UCV logo

Doctoral programmes

Please check the universities Postgraduate Studies Website for more information about the doctoral programmes. 

Department of Social Science and Humanities

  • PhD in Social Science

School of Business and Governance

Department of Engineering and Marine Sciences

  • PhD in Oceanography and Marine Resource Management

School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • PhD in Environmental Management and Policy


SMU Higher Institute | Cameroon iau member

St Monica Higher Institute

Doctoral programmes

The SMU Higher Institute offers several Doctoral Programmes:

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Communication
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philosophy
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theology


    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education


Université de Yaoundé ICameroon iau member


Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's website for more information about the doctoral programmes.


  • Arts, Langue et Cultures
  • Sciences Humaines, Sociales et Educatives
  • Sciences, Technologies et Géosciences
  • Sciences de la Vie, Santé et Environnment 


University of Technology "Bel Campus" Congo DRCiau member





Doctoral programmes

Please check the university's website for more information.


Alexandria UniversityEgyptiau member


Alexandria University Logo

Doctoral programmes

The university offers various doctoral programmes. Please visit the faculties websites for more information. 


Faculty of Dentistry

  • Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery
  • Dental Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Nursing Science

  • Nursing Science

Medical Research Institute

Faculty of Pharmacy


  • Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics
  • Health Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Electircal Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Physics Engineering


  • Agricultural Science

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Social Science

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Commerce

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Physical Education for Girls

Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Specific Education



Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime TransportEgyptiau member


ArabAcademy Logo

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's website for more information. 

  • Maritime Transport
  • Environment Protection


University of Sadat CityEgyptiau member


Sadad logo

Doctoral programmes

For more information, please visit the universities postgraduate website. For a detailed description of the specialisations in each discipline, please download the PDF


  • PhD in Veterinary Medical Sciences
  • PhD in Environmental Sciences
  • PhD in Education
  • PhD in Tourism and Hotels
  • PhD in Physical Education
  • PhD in Law
  • PhD in Commerce
  • PhD in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology


University of Eswatini | Eswatiniiau member

University of Swaziland logo.svg

Doctoral programmes

Available PhD programmes:


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Eduction


For more information, please click here. 


Addis Ababa Science and Technology University | Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's School of Graduate Studies website, where you will find information on each PhD programme available.

  • College of Applied Sciences
  • Department of Industrial Chemistry
  • Department of Food Science and Nutrition
  • Department of Geology
  • College of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • College of Biological and Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Biotechnology
  • College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Electromechanical Engineering
  • Department of Software Engineering
    College of Natural and Social Sciences
    Department of Business and Management


Bahir Dar University | Ethiopia iau member


Logo of Bahir Dar University

Doctoral Programmes

ease visit the university's Call for Postgraduate website, where you will find information on each PhD programme available.

  • Land Administration
  • Land Policy and Governance



Bahir Dar University |Ethiopiaiau member

Bahir Dar University (@bdueduet) | Twitter

Doctoral programmes

The Bahir Dar University offers PhD programmes at various school and faculties:

  • School of Law
  • Ehtiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology
  • Institute for Land Administration
  • College of Education and Behavioural Sciences
  • College of Science
  • Faculty of Electical and Computer Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Social Sciences


Jimma University | Ethiopia

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's School of Graduate Studies website, where you will find information on each PhD programme available.

  • Reproductive Health
  • Health Education Communication
  • Human Nutrition
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Science
  • Plant Breeding
  • Plant Pathology
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Tropical and Infectious Disease


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi | Ghana iau member

Knust Logo

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's Graduate Admission website for more information on doctoral programmes. Doctoral Programmes are available in the following Faculties and Deparments:

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Crop and Soil Science
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Extension

Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources

  • Department of Wildlife and Range Management
  • Department of Silviculture and Forest Management
  • Department of Agroforesty
  • Department of Wood Science and Technology

Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management

College of Art and Social Sciences

Faculty of Art

  • Department of General Art Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Modern Languages
  • Department of English
  • Department of Geography and Rural Development
  • Department of Religious Studies

College of Architecture and Planning

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Building Technology
  • Department of Planning

College of Health Science

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemnistry
  • Department of Pharmaceutics
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Department of Pharmacognosy
  • Department of Clinical and Social Pharmacy
School of Medical Science
  • Department of Clinical Microbiology
  • Department of Molecular Medicine
  • Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Department of Physiology

School of Public Health

  • PhD in Public Health

College of Science

  • Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Department of Food Science and
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied biology
  • Department of Chemnistry
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Computer Science

College of Engineering

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Geomatic Engineering
  • Department of Electtrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Agricultural Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Geological Engineering


University for Development Studies | Ghana iau member

University for Development Studies — Wikipédia

Doctoral programmes

The University for Development Studies offers PhD programmes at various faculties and schools, both on sandwich or full-time basis:

Sandwich programmes-

  • Faculty of Integrated Development Studies
  • Faculty of Planning and Land Management
  • School of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Agribusiness


Full-time programmes–

  • Faculty of Integrated Development Studies
  • Faculty of Planning and Land Management
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture
    Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D in Horticulture
  • Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Science
  • Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources


University of Cape Coast | Ghana iau member


Doctoral programmes

The Office for Doctoral Programmes offers:

  • PhD in Marketing


University of Cape CoastGhana iau member


UCC Logo

Doctoral programmes

The University of Cape Coast offers a number of doctoral programmes. Please check their Programmes website for more information on each programme. 

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Aquaculture
  • AWBC/UCC PhD Program
  • Development Studies
  • Economics
  • Entomology
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Fisheries Science
  • Geography and Regional Planning
  • Health Promotion
  • Hospitality Management
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • Music Education
  • Music Theory and Composition
  • Non Governmental Studies and Community Development
  • Oceanography and Limnology
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Population and Health
  • Qualitative Research
  • Religion and Human Values
  • Science Education
  • Statistics
  • Tourism Management
  • Wildlife Management
  • Zoology (Parasitology Option)


University of GhanaGhana iau member


ug logo

Doctoral programmes

Please check the universitie's School of Graduate Studies for more information. There are PhD programmes available in the following colleges:







University of Mines and TechnologyGhana iau member

University of Mines and Technology logo

Doctoral programmes

The University of Mines and Technology offers three doctoral programmes. More information can be found on their postgraduate website

  • Geomatic Engineering
    Geological Engineering
    Mining Engineering
    Minerals Engineering
    Petroleum Engineering
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology | Kenya  


Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's Graduate Studies website, where you will find information on each PhD programme available.

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architecture
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Botany
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food Science
  • Geo-Informatics
  • Geodesy and Photogrammetry
  • Horticulture
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Landscape, Planning & Conservation
  • Nursing 
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Processing and Structures Engineering
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Remote Sensing
  • Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering


Kenyatta University | Kenya iau member



Doctoral programmes

Kenyatta University offers numerous PhD programmes, and more information can be found on their Graduate School website. For information about ethics, policies and principles, please click here. 

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Art and Design
  • Business
  • Community Resource Management
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Economics
  • Educational Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Science
  • Fashion Design and Marketing
  • Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • History of Education
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Integrated Soil Fertility Management
  • Leisure and Recreation Management
  • Literature
  • Medical Geography and Transport Geography
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Physical Education
  • Population Studies
  • Public Health
  • Renewable/ Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Sociology
  • Sociology of Education
  • Sports Science
  • Theatre Arts and Film Technology
  • Tourism
  • Urban and Regional Planning


Moi University | Kenya iau member



Doctoral programmes

PhD Programmes are offerd through the different Schools and Colleges.

School of Arts and Social Sciences:
  • Anthropology

  • Geography
  • History
  • Kiswahili
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Political Sciences
  • Religion
  • Sociology

College of Health Science

  • Medical Education
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology

School of Law

School of Information Science

  • Library and Information Studies

School of Biological and Physical Science

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biostatistics
  • Physics
  • Parasitology
  • Entomology
  • Animal Physiology
  • Phytopathology
  • Plant Genetics
  • Plant Ecology
  • Plant Taxonomy
  • Plant Pathology
  • Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
School of Human Ressource Development
  • Communication Studies

  • Development Studies

  • Human Resources Management

  • Entrepreneurship Studies

School of Engineering

School of Business and Economics Programme

  • Business Management
  • Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

School of Aerospace


Strathmore UniversityKenya iau member


logo Strathmore

Doctoral programmes

Strathmore University offers a school of graduate studies. There are also other possibilities for a doctorate at some faculties. Please check directly with the faculty of interest for more infomration. The Starthmore Business School offers a Doctorate Scheme with Partner School.


The Catholic University of Eastern Africa | Kenya iau member


CUEA Logo 2



Doctoral programmes

PhD programmes are offered by the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Commerce, and are available in the following areas:

  • Business Administration (specialisations in Marketing, Management, Finance, and Human Resources Management)
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Curriculum Studies and Instruction
  • Educational Planning and Administration
  • Educational Research and Evaluation
  • History
  • Mathematics (specialisations in Applied, Pure, and Statistics)
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Work
  • Theology


United States International University | Kenya iau member

USIU-Africa Website

Doctoral programmes

The United States International University offers three Doctoral Programmes:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy


University of NairobiKenya iau member

logo U Nairobi

Doctoral programmes
College of Architecture and Engineering
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental and Biosystems Engineering
  • Nuclear Science
  • Urban and Regional Planning

College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
College of Biological and Physical Sciences

  • Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Climate Change and Adaption
  • Chemnistry
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Meteorolgy
  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

College of Health Sciences

  • Dental Surgery
  • Periodontology
  • Medicine
  • Biochemistry
  • Human Anatomy
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Physiology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • General Surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutics

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • African Women Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Armed Conflicts and Peace Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Political Science and Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Law
  • International Studies
  • Philosophy of Economics
  • Economics by Research
  • Development Studies
  • Communication and Information Studies
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Population Studies

College of Education and External Studies

  • Distance Education
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Education


National University of LesothoLesotho iau member


logo Lesotho

Doctoral programmes

For more information on doctoral programmes, please check the postgraduate studies website. Faculties offering doctoral programmes: 


Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Health Science
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science and Technology
Faculty of Social Sciences


University of Antananarivo | Madagascar iau member


UA Logo

Doctoral programmes

The University of Antananarivo offers a Doctoral School. Please check here for more information on available doctoral programmes. 

  • Valorisation des Ressources Naturelles Renouvelables
  • Physique et Applications
  • Science de la Terre et de l'Evolution
  • Science de la Vie et de l'Environnement
  • Mathématiques et Applications
  • Agriculture Élevage et Environnement
  • Gestion des Ressources Naturelles et Développement
  • Génie des Procédés et des Systèmes Industriels et Alimentaires
  • Science et Techniques de l'Ingénierie et de l'Innovation
  • Science de la Vie et de la Santé
  • Sciences Himaines et Scociales


University of MalawiMalawi iau member


University of Malawi logo

Doctoral programmes

The University of Malawi offers different doctoral programme sin each of its associated colleges. 

Chancellor College

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Pure Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Theology and Religious Studies
  • Biblical Studies (Old Testament Ethics)
  • Biology (Research)
  • Biostatistics
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Development Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Public Sector Management
  • Sociology
  • Language Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • Science Education


  • Applied Sciences
  • Commerce
  • Engineering

College of Medicine


Open University of Mauritius | Mauritiusiau member



Doctoral programmes

For more information about available PhD programmes, please click here. 


  • PhD in Business Administration


Mohammed V of RabatMorocco iau member



Doctoral programmes

Les études doctorales au sein de l’Université Mohammed V de Rabat sont structurées autour de neuf Centres d’Etudes Doctorales domiciliés dans différents établissements comme suit :

  • Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé (domicilié à la Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie)
  • Homme et Espace dans le Monde Méditerranéen (domicilié à la Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines)
  • Homme – Société – Education (domicilié à la Faculté des Sciences de l’Education)
  • Droit et Economie (domicilié à la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Sociales –Agdal)
  • Economie (domicilié à la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Sociales – Salé)
  • Droit Comparé, Economie Appliquée et Développement Durable (domicilié à la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Sociales –Souissi)
  • Sciences et Techniques pour l’Ingénieur (domicilié à l’Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs)
  • Sciences et Technologies (domicilié à la Faculté des Sciences)
  • Sciences des Technologies de l’Information et de l’Ingénieur (domicilié à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et d’Analyse des Systèmes)


Eduardo Mondlane UniversityMozambique iau member


UEM Logo

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's  Cursos de Pós-Graduação website, where you will find information on each PhD programme available.

  • Science of Energy and Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Veterinary Medicine


Maryam Abacha American Univeristy of Niger |Niger iau member


Doctoral programmes

The Maryam Abacha American University offers various PhD programmes:

  • PhD in Nursing Sciences
  • PhD in Public Health Sciences
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • PhD in Political Science
  • PhD in Entrepreneurship
  • PhD in International Relations
  • PhD in Business Adminstration
  • PhD in Public Administration
  • PhD in French Language
  • PhD in Law
  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Information Technology
  • PhD in Environmental Health
  • PhD in English Language
  • PhD in Accounting and Finance
  • PhD in Education


Al-Hikmah University | Nigeria iau member

Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin

Doctoral programmes

The Al-Hikmah University offers two PhD degrees:

  • PhD in Arabic
  • PhD in Islamic Studies


University of LagosNigeria iau member

School of Postgraduate Studies

Doctoral programmes

The Postgraduate School offers PhD programmes at four colleges:

  • College of Business and Social Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Leadership Development Studies
  • College of Science and Technology


Umaru Musa Yar'adua University | Nigeria iau member

Umaru Musa Yarádua University, Katsina

Doctoral programmes

The Postgraduate School offers various PhD programmes:



Department of Arabic

M.A Arabic

Department of Nigerian Languages (Hausa)

PhD Hausa

Department of History and Security Studies

PhD History

Department of Islamic Studies

PhD Islamic Studies


Department of Economics

PhD Economics


Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry

PhD Chemistry

Department of Geography

PhD Geography

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

PhD Mathematics
PhD Computer Science


University of IlorinNigeria  iau member


UI logo

Doctoral programmes

Please check the University of Ilorin's Postgraduate Schools Portal for more information on the PhD programmes. 

  • Soil Science
  • Crop Protection
  • Agric. Extension
  • Arabic
  • Arabic Literature
  • English
  • Lierature-in-English
  • French
  • Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Performing Arts
  • Peace and Development Studies
  • Curriculum Development Social Science Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Research Measurement and Evaluation
  • Social Studies Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Health Education
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Human Kinetics Education
  • Curriculum Development Science
  • Mathematics Education
  • Science Education
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Computer Sciece
  • Library and Information Science
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Biology
  • Zoology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistsics
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Political Science


University of JosNigeria iau member


logo Jos

Doctoral programmes

The University of Jos has a Postgraduate School. More information can be found on the postgraduate school's homepage. 


University of LagosNigeria iau member


Lagos logo

Doctoral programmes

Please check the universitie's school of postgraduate studies for each PhD Programme. 


  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Adult Education
  • Anatomy
  • Applied Entomology and Pest Management
  • Architecture
  • Arts and Social Science Education
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Building
  • Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Commercial and Industrial Law
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Foundation
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • English Language or Literature
  • Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management
  • Estate Management
  • Finance
  • Fisheries
  • French
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • History and Strategic Studies
  • Human Kinetics & Health Education
  • Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  • Igbo
  • Management
  • Marine Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Mass Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Microbiology/Parasitology
  • Medical Physics
  • Metallurgical and Materials
  • Microbiology
  • Operations and Production Management
  • Operations Research
  • Music
  • Natural Resources Conservation
  • Parasitology and Bioinformatics
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmacology
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Science and Technology Education
  • Sociology
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics
  • Theatre Arts
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Visual Arts
  • Yoruba


University of Uyo | Nigeria iau member



Doctoral programmes

The University of Uyo has a post graduate school responsible for the doctoral programmes of the university. Please check their website for more information.


Cheikh Anta Diop University of DakarSenegal iau member


Logo ucad 2

Doctoral programmes

For more information on doctoral education at Université Cheik Anta Diop de Dakar, please visit the page Liste des écoles doctorales (French). 


  • Eau, Qualité et Usages de L'Eau
  • Sciences de la Vie, de la Santé et de L'Environnement
  • Physique, Chimie, Science de la Terre, de L'Univers et de L'Ingénieur
  • Etudes sur l'Homme et la Société
  • Mathématique et Informatique
  • Arts, Cultures et Civilisations
  • Sciences Juridiques, Politiques, Economiques et de Gestion


Durban University of TechnologySouth Africa iau member


dut logo

Doctoral programmes

Please check the website How to apply for postgraduate studies for information on the application process. For contact information on the available programms, click here. PhD education offered by Durban University of Technology:

Faculty of Accounting and Informatics

  • Information Technology

Faculty of Applied Science

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemnistry
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Science and Technology

Faculty of Art and Design

  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Language Practice
  • Library and Information Studies
  • Doctor of Education

Faculty of Engineering and the Build Environment

  • Built Environment
  • Engineering

Faculty of Health Science

  • Health Science
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Chiropractice
  • Dental Technology
  • Homeopathy
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Medical Clinical Science
  • Nursing
  • Radiography

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Management Science
  • Quality Management














Download the PDF


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University | South Africa iau member




Doctoral programmes

Please visit the university's Graduate Studies website, where you will find information on each PhD programme available.


 Faculty of Arts
  • Architecture
  • Literature
  • Afrikaans and Dutch
  • Applied Languages
  • Music
  • Anthropology
  • Biblical and Religious Studies
  • Conflict and Conflict Management
  • Philosophy
  • Political Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology
  • Translation Studies
  • Conflict Management
  • History
  • Media Studies

Faculty of Business and Economic Science

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Business Administration
  • Development Studies
  • Economics
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Labour Relations and Human Resource Management
  • Logistics
  • Tourism Management

Faculty of Education

  • Education

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & IT

  • Engineering
  • Operations Magagement
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Construction Economics
  • Construction Management
  • Information Technology

Faculty of Health Science

  • Human Movement Science
  • Social Development Professions
  • General Health Sciences
  • Human Movement Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Development Professions
  • Nursing
  • General Health Science

Faculty of Law

  • Mercantile Law
  • Private Law
  • Public Law

Faculty of Science

  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Information Systems
  • Mathematical Statistiscs
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Oceanography
  • Physics
  • Zoology
  • Textile Science
  • Agriculture
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Environmental Geography


Rhodes University | South Africa iau member


Rhodes University Current 2013 Insignia.svg

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the Doctoral Degrees website of Rhodes University to find more information on the available doctoral degrees. 

Faculties offering doctoral education:



University of KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa iau member


logo zulu

Doctoral programmes

Please check the websites of each college for more information about available doctoral education. 


University of South Africa | South Africa iau member


Unisa logo

Doctoral programmes

Please see the university's Degree Website for more information on each programme. 

  • Business Leadership
  • Education
  • Laws
  • Philosophy
  • Classical Studies
  • Developmental Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Astronomy Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Computing Education
  • Life Sciences Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Physics Education
  • Science Education
  • Statistics Education
  • Technology Education
  • Accounting Science
  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Archaeology
  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Consumer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information Science
  • Information Systems
  • Languages, Linguistics and Literature
  • Life Sciences
  • Management Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Operations Research
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Theology
  • Social Work


Vaal University of Technology | South Africa iau member


Vaal logo

Doctoral programmes

Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences

  • Information Systems

Faculty of Human Sciences

  • Fine Art
    Food Service Management

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Business


Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Chemical Engineering


The Open University of Tanzania | Tanzania iau member


UUT logo

Doctoral programmes

The Open University of Tanzania offers many doctoral programmes. Please visit their website for more information on each programme. For an overview click here

Faculties offering doctoral education:

  • Faculty of arts and Social Sciences
    Faculty of Business Management
    Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Science, Technology and Environmental Studies
  • Faculty of Laws


University of Dar es Salaam | Tanzania iau member


University of Dar es Salaam Logo

Doctoral programmes

The different colleges of the Universtiy of Dar es Salaam offer a number of doctoral programmes:

College of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Geography
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Economics by Course work and dissertation
  • Statistics
  • Information Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Public Administration
  • Philosophy
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • History
  • Demography
  • Business School

School of Health Science

  • Medicine

School of Education

College of Information and Communication Technologies


University of Lomé | Togo iau member


Lome logo

Doctoral programmes

Please see the university's List of Programmes on offer for more information. 


University of Carthage | Tunisiaiau member

carthage university

Doctoral programmes

The University of Carthage has various Doctoral Schools:

  • School of Engineering Sciences and Technologies
  • Schoolof Applied Sciences
  • Schoolof Information and Communication Technologies
  • School of Acronomical and Environmental Sciences and Technologies
  • School of Architectural Engineering and Sciences
  • School of Life and Matter Sciences
  • School of Legal Sciences
  • School of Business Management


Kampala International University | Uganda iau member


Doctoral programmes

The Kampala International University has various PhD programmes:

  • Civil Engineering, PhD
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace-Builing, PhD
  • Development Studies, PhD
  • Environmental Science, PhD
  • Management Information Systems, PhD
  • Management, PhD
  • Renewable Energy, PhD


Makerere University | Uganda iau member


mak logo sm

Doctoral programmes

Please visit the Postgraduate website for more information.

Information Systems
Computer Science
Software Engineering
Information Technology
Information Science
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology


Bindura University of Science Education | Zimbabwe iau member


buse logo

Doctoral programmes

Doctoral programmes are carried out primarily through supervised research work but may include an element of coursework not exceeding 25% of the total programme. Studies may be pursued on full time or part time basis. There is no closing date as students do not follow academic terms.


Zimbabwe's Open University | Zimbabwe iau member


Doctoral programmes

The Open University of Zimbabwe offers two doctoral programmes:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies
  • Doctorate in Philosophy


Women's University in Africa | Zimbabwe iau member

Women's University in Africa: Ranking 2020, Acceptance Rate, Tuition

Doctoral programmes

The Women's University in Africa offers a PhD programme at the Department of Continuous Education.


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