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The International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB) provides members with access to bibliographic information on past and current articles, reports, papers, research findings and details of books concerning higher education published from all around the globe.  It is a useful tool for an international literature search. Where freely available, links to electronic documents are provided to access full text documents. IAU Members benefit from additional services, including accessibility of abstracts and the option to e-mail search results, as well as full access to the IAU journal Higher Education Policy.

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The IDEA-PhD team invites you to explore the most recent extraction, which provides a bibliography focusing on doctoral education.

IAU HEDBIB Extraction for IDEA-PhD June 2020.

YearLanguageSearch 'Developing and Managing a PhD' 


A Policy Framework for Education and Training. Reforming Education and Training in Kenya.


Contains a chapter on University Education which emphasizes the implications and importance of doctoral training and education leading to a PhD.

2012  133  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education, Science Technology, Kenya

Bologna Seminar on "Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society." Conclusions and Recommendations.


Highlights conclusions from the Bologna Seminar held in Salzburg, 3-5 February, 2005 and outlines the ten principles of doctoral education developed during the seminar.

2005  English  pdf

Institutional Source: European University Association - Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE)

Borderless 2011: Perspectives on the Future


Features reflections on the higher education trends of 2011 and the directions of these shifts in the global higher education environment.

2011  19  English  pdf

Institutional Source: The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education

CIRUISEF - Sciences en Francophonie "Vers une charte francophone des thèses scientifiques"


Définit les principes d'une charte de thèse et les droits et devoirs de la formation doctorale. Etablie par l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie et CIRUISEF (Conférence Internationale des Responsables des Universités et Institutions Scientifique d’Expression Française).

2009  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) / CIRUISEF

Conférence mondiale sur l’enseignment supérieur 2009: La nouvelle dynamique de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche au service du progrès social et du développement.


Communiqué de l'UNESCO par rapport à la Conférence mondiale sur l’enseignement supérieur 2009, tenue au ,siège de l’UNESCO à Paris du 5 au 8 juillet 2009.

2009  10  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Institut Panafricain de Gouvernance Universitaire (IPAGU)

Doctoral Education – Taking Salzburg Forward: Implementation and New Challenges

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the continued implementation of reforms in doctoral education building on the Salzburg Principles and Recommendations. It is directed at university leaders who want to continue and deepen the implementation of Salzburg at the strategic level, ensuring a consistent, institution-wide approach to doctoral
education. The document also provides recommendations for daily managers of doctoral education who look to keep their activities and processes up to date and responsive to new
challenges for universities.

2016  English  pdf

Institutional Source: European University Association

Doctoral Programmes in Europe's Universities: Achievements and Challenges. Report Prepared for European Universities and Ministers of Higher Education.


Presents the findings of a project to elaborate the basic principles of doctoral education and a survey on funding based on data collected from national ministries.

2007  43  English  pdf

Institutional Source: European University Association - Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE)

Foundations for the Future: Supporting the Early Careers of African Researchers.


Explores the challenges of developing the next generation of African researchers and proposes mechanisms to overcome these challenges.

2012  45  English  pdf

Institutional Source: The British Academy. Co-published with the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Idea Puzzle Software


Online software that helps students evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their research project in any phase of their PhD. The software asks 21 questions about the research project based on Philosophy of Science, helps to answer them, and allows the self-evaluation of each answer. The result is a research design of about 3 pages which includes an overall score, a visual map, and the 21 answers. The research design can be submitted for an international award of 1000 Euros granted by Santander Universities, until the 31st of May each year. IAU Member HEIs in Africa are eligible for a one-month free trial of the software.

2015  online resource   English, Portuguese, Spanish 

Institutional Source: Catholic University of Portugal

La Lettre de la CIRUISEF. No. 7


Bulletin d'information de CIRUISEF contenant une synthèse du collloque de Dakar 2009 dont le thème était «Le Doctorat scientifique : enjeux et compétences».

2007  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

OER Policy Review and Development Toolkit. A guide for higher education institutions interested in creating and using Open Educational Resources


A toolkit is aimed at higher education stakeholders who are working with Open Educational Resources (OER). It is designed to help you review your own institutional policy environment and where necessary institute policy changes that will facilitate collaboration and the development and sharing of OER.

2012  44  English  pdf

Institutional Source: South African Institute for Distance Education - OER Africa

Quel enseignement supérieur et quelle recherche, en Afrique, à l'horizon 2015.


Discours donné par Pr. Jacques Fame Ndongo, Ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur du Cameroun, au Troisième Conférence Régionale Africaine des Recteurs et Doyens de la Sciences, l’Ingénierie et la Technologie.

2010  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Institut Panafricain de Gouvernance Universitaire (IPAGU)

Re‐imagining doctoral education: Professional Doctorates and beyond

Portents of the demise of the Professional Doctorate have emerged in some recent policy and institutional circles in Australia, raising questions about the meaning and relevance of the Professional Doctorate in an era of ‘league tables’ and research assessment in Australia. This article argues that such portents, based largely on narrow market‐driven arguments, are premature, reactive and unhelpful, in that they foreclose on a set of critical questions concerning the future purpose, scope and practice of doctoral education. The article argues that the simple re‐assertion of the PhD as the default award represents a restoration of the logics and imperatives of disciplinarity and of older notions of so‐called ‘real’ research.

2009  14  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Alison Lee, Marie Brennan & Bill Green

Salzburg II Recommendations. European Universities' Achievements Since 2005 in Implementing the Salzburg Principles.


Builds on the Salzburg principles and various experiences with their implementation to provide recommendations that reaffirm the relevance of the basic principles for university leaders, legal framework designers, policy makers, and funding organizations.

2010  English  pdf

Institutional Source: European University Association - Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE)

The Policy Potential of Innovation and Internationalization in Doctoral Education


Recommendations for equity, diversity, and innovation, resulting from a workshop held 23 to 27 March 2009. 

2009  English  pdf

Institutional Source: INCHER, University of Kassel

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