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The present general conditions are intended to define the terms of access and use of the portal on Innovative Approaches to Doctoral Education in Africa (www.idea-phd.net), hereinafter referred to as “the IAU IDEA-PhD portal”.
The IAU IDEA-PhD portal allows the user to access a variety of information on doctoral education : programmes, initiatives, policy and practices more specifically in Africa but as well beyond.
Access and/or use of the IAU IDEA-PhD portal automatically imply unconditional acceptance and respect of all the terms and conditions described in this agreement.
Any user who refuses all or part of these general conditions is invited to give up the use of the portal.


The portal

www.idea-phd.net is currently published and maintained by:

International Association of Universities (IAU) / International Bureau of Universities (IBU) 

INGO in official partnership with UNESCO (associative status)
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Publication Director: Hilligje van't Land, IAU Secretary General, International Association of Universities; Executive Director, International Universities Bureau

The IAU is governed by its President and Administrative Board, and you will find more information here.


The IAU is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1950 by UNESCO; today is is recognized as an international NGO in official partnership with UNESCO in associate status.



The portal  is hosted by Hostgator  www.hostgator.com
The domain name of the portal is hosted by Hostgator.


User: The user is any person who uses the IAU portal or any of the services offered on the IAU IDEA-PhD portal.
User content: The term "User content" means the data transmitted by the user in the various sections of the portal.


Access to the portal

The portal is available free of charge to any user with access to the Internet. All costs associated with access to the portal or relating to hardware, software or Internet access are exclusively the responsibility of the user. The latter is solely responsible for the proper functioning of computing equipment as well as for access to the Internet.
The IAU reserves the right to modify, restrict or remove the IAU IDEA-PhD portal or any part of its content, at its sole discretion and in any form whatsoever.
The IAU reserves the right to deny access, at its sole discretion and without notice, to all or part of the IAU IDEA-PhD portal and/or to one or more users.


Intellectual property

Use of the acronym, the logo and/or the domain name of the IAU IDEA-PhD portal must be expressly authorized by the IAU. This authorization must be requested in advance, in writing, and must be implemented and executed in accordance with the terms and conditions specified, including visual, duration and scope.


The information contained in the IAU IDEA-PhD portal is presented for information purposes. It constitutes the content of the IAU IDEA-PhD portal. The IAU allows the users of the IAU IDEA-PhD portal only to share this information and download documents for personal and non-commercial use. In accordance with Law N° 78 - 17 of January 6, 1978, relating to computers, data processing files and freedoms, you have the right to oppose, access, and modify data relating to you/your institution. You can ask, on simple request to the webmaster, that the information about you/your institution which is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, misleading, out-dated, or whose collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited, be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted.


Site content is delivered "as is." The IAU IDEA-PhD portal contains information, documents and materials from various sources of information. The IAU does not vouch for the accuracy or completeness and neither the reliability of this information. The user uses it at his/her own risk.


•    To the portal
Any external website may provide a hyperlink to the IAU IDEA-PhD portal or any of its pages without the need to seek permission.

•    From the portal
The IAU IDEA-PhD portal offers, for convenience, a series of hyperlinks to web sites published and/or managed by third parties, in particular higher education institutions member of the IAU. The IAU has no control over these external resources. Also the user acknowledges that the IAU assumes no responsibility for the availability and content of these resources generated by third parties.

Evolution of this agreement

The IAU reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices of this agreement at any time. It is therefore recommended that the user regularly consult the latest version of the General terms of use available on the site www.idea-phd.net.


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