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Through IDEA-PhD the International Association of Universities is strongly committed to supporting the development of higher education research capacities as a fundamental component in the social, economic, and environmental development of any country.

 IDEA-PhD is an interactive resource for the development of doctoral programs and research; it is continuously being updated thanks to the contributions of those “in the field”, also for their own benefit.

Aim of the Portal on Innovative Approaches to Doctoral Education in Africa (IDEA)

The portal, initially launched in 2012, aims to serve the Higher Education community in sub-Saharan Africa and far beyond. It is in line with the following main goals in this field

  1. facilitate exchange of information;
  2. provide support to stakeholders in doctoral program development;
  3. inspire networking between institutions.

It highlights challenges, projects and initiatives in Africa, presents documentation relating to doctoral education from different parts of the world.

The information is divided into two main categories: (a) Information regarding events or announcements (conferences, call for papers, applications for fellowships, etc.) and (b) information on the following four main topics:

  • Developing and managing a PhD, which includes the following sub-divisions: Mission and Vision; Supervision; Capacity Building; Doctoral Education by Numbers; 

  • Higher Education Institution profiles;

  • Projects and Initiatives;

  • Funding Opportunities.

Data gathering mechanisms

The team working on the development of the portal, in close collaboration with the African HEI’s partners, depends on desktop research for updated information and on submissions from various the HEI’s and other HE stakeholders.

The WHED, maintained by IAU and is the basis used for the country and institutional profiles presented on the portal.

Submit or change information on the Portal

IDEA-PhD calls for information regarding specific HEI’s, events, conferences, or publications OR copies of reports and other publications related to doctoral research in Africa.

Please complete the submission form online here

When and how does the information appear online

  1. The data received is validated by the IDEA-PhD portal team;
  2. If approved it is subject to editing by the team and published within two weeks after submission;
  3. If the information submitted is not deemed appropriate for publication on the portal, the sender is notified;
  4. Information submitted will be dated and can be updated as necessary or deleted if no longer relevant.


Any submission may be amended at any time with simple request on behalf of the concerned parties.

To contact the portal development team, please use the contact form.

Last update: Spring 2016


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