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The International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB) provides members with access to bibliographic information on past and current articles, reports, papers, research findings and details of books concerning higher education published from all around the globe.  It is a useful tool for an international literature search. Where freely available, links to electronic documents are provided to access full text documents. IAU Members benefit from additional services, including accessibility of abstracts and the option to e-mail search results, as well as full access to the IAU journal Higher Education Policy.

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The IDEA-PhD team invites you to explore the most recent extraction, which provides a bibliography focusing on doctoral education.

IAU HEDBIB Extraction for IDEA-PhD June 2020.

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Strategic plans

A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships


Transboundary and intercultural research in partnership is challenging. This is particularly the case when cooperation takes place between rich and poor countries. This guide is based on 11 principles and 7 key questions. They aim to build research partnerships in the most constructive, balanced and results-oriented manner. See also their Microsite. 


 2014  30  English  pdf


Instituional Source: Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE)

Declaration and Action Plan from the 1st African Higher Education Summit

The main aim of the summit is to create a continental multi-stakeholders’ platform to identify strategies for transforming the African higher education

2015  64  English, French  pdf

Institutional Source: 1st Higher Education Summit

Plan directeur de la recherche et de la coopération basé sur les objectifs stratégiques de développement (2014-2016).


Amélioration de la qualité et renforcement de la pertinence de la recherche.

2014  91  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Université de Yaoundé I, Cameroon

Profile & Trends New Zealand's Tertiary Education Research


Education Counts has released Profile & Trends 2015: New Zealand's Tertiary Education Research, the third of a series of six reports that addresses trends in doctoral enrolments and completions; characteristics of doctoral students; the academic impact of research and collaborations at universities compared with Australian universities; and research funding and expenditure at universities.





Institutional Source: Ministry of Education New Zealand

South African Department of Higher Education and Training. Revised Strategic Plan 2010/11 - 2014/15 and Operational Plans for the 2011/12 Financial Year.


Traces the building blocks of the post-school education and training system and articulates the premise of education investment transforming and contributing to economic growth.

2009  164  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Department of Higher Education and Training, South Africa

Tanzania Commission for Universities National Qualifications Framework. Final Draft.


Describes a unified effort to harmonise recognized qualifications in Tanzania to ensure comparability and faciltate recognition of degree credentials in an international setting.

2010  65  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Tanzania Commission for Universities

Tanzania Commission for Universities Rolling Strategic Plan 2009/10 - 2013/14


Addresses the Tanzania Commission for Universities agenda as a regulator and support agency for higher education in Tanzania.

2009  57  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Tanzania Commission for Universities, Tanzania

The Inter-University Council for East Africa Strategic Plan 2011 - 2016


Reviews the strategic objectives, activies, responsible offices, timeframe, budget and quality indicators of this regional body for the development and management of higher education in East Africa.

2011  45  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Inter-University Council for East Africa

The Management and Leadership Training Project. Leadership, Institutional Innovation, and Development.


Provides a module with guidelines for dicussing leadership and management at the institutional level and recognizing the attributes of organizational culture, quality leadership, effective communication, and characterisitcs of world-class 21st century universities.

2011  53  English  pdf

Institutional Source: National Council for Higher Education, Uganda

Unisa Open: Unisa Open Educational Resource Strategy.


Document describing the OER policy of the University of South Africa, adopted 2014.

2014  English  pdf

Institutional Source: UNISA and OER Africa

Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar Plan Strategique 2011-2016


Ce plan stratégique indique les valeurs de l'établissement, l'évolution institutionnelle, et les mesures à mettre en oeuvre pour atteindre les objectifs de l'université.

2011  61  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal

University of Namibia Research Strategy


Describes the intentions of the university in forming various partnerships with the government and private sector and defines procedures related to patents and intellectual propoerty of the university.

2013  12  English  pdf

Institutional Source: University of Namibia

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