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Projects and Initiatives

In order to better take stock of current work being done in the realm of doctoral education, ‘Projects and Initiatives’ presents information about projects being carried out by organizations related to postgraduate training and management. Projects listed here share a common focus, all or in part, on African higher education.

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The mission of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) is to contribute to the development, advancement and improvement of doctoral education and research training in Europe.

EUA-CDE was established in 2008, and is part of the Euopean University Association (EUA). It creates a strong voice for European universities on doctoral education both inside Europe and internationally and contributes to enhancing the visibility of doctoral/graduate/research schools and programmes.
It builds on the outcomes of EUA’s policy and project work on doctoral education and research careers, and seeks to respond to growing demand from members for a more structured supporting framework and additional opportunities to promote cooperation and exchange of good practice on issues of common concern related to the organisation and quality of doctoral education in universities across Europe.

A number of programmes and project's were established by the EUA or the EUA-CDE, namely:

Even though most of those projects have finished, there are a number of interesting documents to be found on the homepages.


Tasks: Research, Information, Network, North-South Relations

Target: Academic Staff, Management, Deans, 

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CODOC - Cooperation on Doctoral Education between Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe  

The CODOC project (2010-2012) examined doctoral education through the lens of a more balanced development in global knowledge and the role that Europe has to play in this. Its premise involved the following factors:

  • Changes in the global interconnectivity of universities due to internationalisation
  • Increasing drive around the world to develop knowledge societies based on high-skilled human resources
  • Growth in information and communication technology and its effects on competition and collaboration in a global market

The project was rooted in the growing cross-regional discussions on doctoral education, which have more or less been driven by Europe, North America and several other developed nations in Asia and the South Pacific. It was also inspired by the internal European discussions and rapid transformation of doctoral education in the Bologna process context. The growing international dimension in doctoral education dialogue and delivery seems to pay scarce attention to the developing world at present, where higher education and research are increasingly embedded in national growth strategies

ARDE Website |


ARDE - Accountable Research Environments for Doctoral Education

The ARDE project examines European doctoral programmes in order to gather information about existing structures, good practice and areas of concern in assuring and enhancing quality in doctoral education.

Despite the substantial reforms that have taken place in doctoral education in recent years and the fact that many would argue that there are fundamental differences between the quality assurance (QA) developed for the first and second cycle and that for doctoral education, the means of enhancing accountability in this area have not yet been addressed systematically. This project aims to begin the discussion on this issue.

The project finished 2013. The final report can be fined here.

FRINDOC - Website |


FRINDOC - Framework for the Internationalisation of Doctoral Education

FRINDOC aims at providing a comprehensive overview of good practices and valuable experiences for universities. The project will develop a framework containing a statement of good practice on internationalisation and an online tool for universities to aid planning and implementation of internationalisation strategies for doctoral education. It will be a comprehensive strategic tool for planning, promoting and supporting mobility in doctoral programmes enabling universities to attain a united picture of strategic goals, capacity and possibilities to implement the right structures for their particular profile.


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