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EUA-Council for Doctoral Education Annual Meeting 2022


The University of Mancherster, UK


The 2022 EUA-CDE Annual Meeting will address the question of time and timing, taking a close look at this key issue for doctoral education. Through workshops and sessions in various formats, this conference will provide an opportunity for the doctoral education community to come together and address these topics.


One of the most significant developments in the field of doctoral education over the last two decades is the growing attention paid to the question of time. The 2005 Salzburg Principles define the duration of a doctorate as “three to four years full time as a rule”. While EUA-CDE surveys indicate that this has become the average length of a doctorate, there is still an ongoing debate on key issues such as time to degree, the role of doctoral candidates who are part-time – either due to parenting obligations or additional work responsibilities – and the increased time pressure in doctoral education caused by tight timelines. Universities face the challenge of ensuring that a doctorate lasts for a reasonable length of time, but they also need to take into account the individual circumstances of doctoral candidates, including age, gender and socio-economic background. At the same time, in light of the increased training offers in doctoral education, it is important to prioritise and consider time management as a key skill for doctoral candidates. Above all, high quality research takes time, with large variations across fields and topics, and it is of utmost importance that doctoral candidates are allowed enough.


The early bird deadline: 25 April 2022


The overall registration deadline: 6 June 2022




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