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Africa Evidence Leadership Award 2018


The purpose of the award is to raise awareness of evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) in Africa and highlight the growing status of evidence amongst decision-makers in Africa.


To be eligible to apply for the award, you must be a member of the AEN. Work in any sector as long as you can motivate your participation in EIDM as an evidence-user, evidence-producer, evidence-broker or any combination of these. Provide proof of citizenship of and/or residence in an African country (as defined by the United Nations). Applicants  must be able and available to travel to and attend all four days of Evidence 2018 on 25 to 28 September 2018 in Pretoria South Africa, and must commit to giving a plenary talk at the event. Lastly, applicants should be willing to their your profile publicised in a journal and on any of the AEN public platforms.


Applications deadline: 1 April 2018



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