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Up-dating the AfricaLics Baseline Survey


AfricaLics is a community of scholars with special interest in how innovation and competence building contribute to economic and socially sustainable development in Africa. AfricaLics is the African regional chapter of Globelics. AfricaLics started in 2012 with support from the Globelics community and Aalborg University.

In 2013, Sida provided a special grant aiming at supporting development of the network. The AfricaLics secretariat is located at the African Centre for Technology Studies in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sida funding has been key to the funding of a range of activities within the AfricaLics network including the AfricaLics conferences in Maputo in 2013 and in Kigali 2015 as well as a total of four AfricaLics PhD academies and the PhD Visiting Fellowship programme. These efforts are key to the overall objective of enhancing research capacity on innovation and development in Africa.

To be able to document results and create a baseline for work to be done in the second phase, AfricaLics is currently updating the baseline survey conducted in 2014. 


To fill out the questionnaire please click on the link below. 



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