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Call for Abstracts: Higher Education Partnership Trends and Policy Issues between African and European Higher Education Institutions


We are happy to announce that the higher education conference organized by the Workgroup “Higher Education and Society in Africa” will take place at Bayreuth nternational Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS), University of Bayreuth on 3–4 November 2016. The theme of the conference will be: “Higher Education Partnership rends and Policy Issues between African and European Higher Education Institutions” Trends in institutional partnership in higher education have shown tremendous growth in the past three decades. These trends in higher education are manifested through the growing initiatives of joint programs that promote student and staff mobility, joint curriculum developments and course delivery, research collaboration, joint bidding for research projects and benchmarking. Partnerships in higher education have been used not only as instrument for institutional development through a wide range of strategic alliances but also as essential ways of introducing new voices to the operations of the universities by initiating new paradigms that bring new perspectives and bear competitive advantage on the partners. As the trend of partnership in higher education grew, scholars in higher education studies have also engaged in conceptualizing higher education partnership from academic venture providing perspectives, analyzing trends and developing models of higher education collaborations. This conference aims to stimulate academic discussion on trends and key issues in higher education cooperation between European and African universities pointing to pressing important policy and practical issues. Are there patterns of higher education partnership among African and European universities and how do such patterns evolve overtime? What are the current debates on internationalization strategies between Africa and Europe and the circulation of  nowledge in individual and institutional partnerships between the continents?
Which insights can be drawn from various case studies of higher education partnerships schemes?


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