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The PASET Regional Benchmarking Initiative to Strengthen African Universities


The main objectives of the Regional Benchmarking Initiative, which was launched in partnership with the Association of
African Universities in November 2015, are to:
1. Enroll and train participating African institutions in effectively using the results of benchmarking to assess and improve their performance;
2. Partner with leaders in interested universities, national tertiary education agencies and sub-regional organizations, and support them to build capacity to regularly guide  enchmarking in institutions under their purview.
3. Create the capacity within an interested African institution (university, Pan-African institution or national tertiary education agency), to lead and support future benchmarking exercises and related training and technical assistance at the regional level (see Box 2).
Under the initiative, an internationally recognized methodology developed in partnership with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Center for World-Class Universities is being  dapted to the African context in close consultations with relevant regional and national stakeholders.


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