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These pages provide a lot of resources focusing on 'Developing and Managing a PhD'. This section is separated into four parts:

'Mission and Vision' offers various documents related to the overall objectives and stakes of doctoral education emphasizing innovation and strategic planning for the future. These documents describe the current state of doctoral education and ways of approaching reform. Also available are a set of tools that can assist in the development of national or institutional research strategies.

'Capacity Building' focuses on assuring quality of doctoral programme design and instruction within the broader framework of building institutional capacity to deliver relevant and world-class PhD degrees. Various doctoral education systems are presented and offer stakeholders a glimpse into the models being adopted or adapted to suit African higher education needs. Explicit tools to implement capacity building measures are also available.

The section 'Supervision' hosts a variety of links to policy documents that highlight the different models in use, along with a set of tools and support mechanisms to improve supervision at both the institutional and faculty-student level.

'Doctoral Education by Numbers' shares documents containing data, figures, and statistics collected on doctoral research, enrolment, and performance across the continent.

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